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$8.99 What are we really afraid of? Monsters under the bed? Serial killers? Zombies? Glittery vampires? Horror literature can often explain what we fear most with words and feelings we never understood or realized; we fear the bewildering dismantling of our own senses, moments of confusion where our grasp on reality falters. Our sense of terror is personal and wholly our own, even if we join thousands of others in anxious anticipation of a sudden apocalypse. We don't fear the world will end, we fear our world will end. John Kuykendall is an author who can show us a million different worlds and the degree to which all of them can burn. By warping our sense of reality, the metaphysical is twisted through the imaginative, descriptive energy of John's words, leaving us dreading what will happen next, though we lack the strength to look away.

I worked in a book store for four years, and the tiny little horror section contained few surprises. Too many of the books remaining on those shelves seemed mirrors of each other, the familiarity of "suspenseful" literature where the protagonists seemed to always have psychic powers and a grand sense of humor. What if you wanted to read something that was scary? When a customer needed me to recommend a good horror novel, I had to ask if they wanted the book to frighten them. If they did, they were handed a book from the seventies or eighties.

Most readers don't know that a true horror genre actually exists.

The first time I came across a John Kuykendall story, I was immediately curious. I became lost in the nightmarish, gritty setting of a zombie story called "Fighter's Bite", although the story wasn't about zombies. John seemed to have painted a picture of a David Fincher nightmare with his words. I picked up John's novel, Dead fear, and finished it in a day. I exalted, "This is what I've always wanted to read! This is horror! This is what a zombie novel should be!" With each page, I found myself looking deeper into the abyssal terror that lies within the human heart. In his novel, John Kuykendall dares to explore our fears by shattering our ideas about sexuality and violence. We live in a world where sexual repression and identity are difficult to discuss or express, despite the bombardment of plastic sex dolls who are supposed to define our fantasies and expectations for us. John has the courage to make us uncomfortable. At last.

The horror genre needs John Kuykendall. His ability to distort and twist reality with raw imagery connects us to the concept of fear. When something truly horrible happens to us, we always question reality. We wonder, "Is this really happening to me?" Horror then is personal and relative to the individual; it should make us both fearful and introspective, and it should make us feel alive and real. John successfully deconstructs our world and our sense of morality so we can learn all over again what it is to be human. If Clive Barker and David Lynch collaborated on a story, you might have some insight into the mind of John Kuykendall.

It goes without saying I became a fan of John's work after spending years away from the "horror" genre which had seemingly become nothing more than a mass-market, cookie-cutter showcase on display in grocery stores and airports. After reading Alive, a metaphysical story of transcendence and redemption, I turned my attention to Bodies out Back another mind bender which blurs the line between morality and terror. My faith in this pioneer has been assured with each story he writes. Each of his works can be enjoyed by the casual reader, though I must forewarn you: after you turn the last page, you won't forget what you've read.

The compilation you have before your eyes teaches us what it means to be scared all over again.

Edge of Darkness is a surreal composition which expresses the reality of fear. If Pandora had opened this box, she would have unleashed a legion of misunderstood and tormented monsters. Each story contains the power of a lucid, waking nightmare. Our journey through John's labyrinthine mind includes a suffering ghost, celebrity obsession, the pain of an impossible birth, the atonement of a haunted killer, a seductive creature born from the folklore of an ancient culture, a symbolic and demented exploration of the sexy- vampire craze, culminating in a Escher-esque multi-dimensional journey into a mass-murderer's blood- soaked fantasy.

 John Kuykendall has filled a box full of our greatest fears. Here, our tenuous hold on reality does not falter, but becomes realized. Contained within this box are our deepest, most personal fears. Come then, dear reader, and open the box to unleash the true meaning of horror upon the world.

-Vincenzo Bilof

Author of Under a Red Sun and Nightmare of the Dead

Echoes of Death Keep Telling Yourself, Your Dreaming 

  Authored by John Kuykendall               

       You go to sleep, you wake up and you do not remember yesterday. Why can't you remember? You feel like something strange happened. As you try to remember you can hear an essence of something calling you, what happened to me? The days go by and as you sleep and the more you try to remember, your dream begins to live. A nightmare from the past has found you . Am I awake, or is this a dream? You do not know for sure. Something is coming for you and you don't know what, but you have to escape the terror before you sleep forever.

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Release Date 6/7/2014

In this ensemble psychological horror novel, four survivors come together to fend themselves from the restless undead. But after months of living in an uninhabited California, fear and isolation leaves scars in the sanity of every survivor. As a character study, Dead Fear examines the personal stories of four people in a world where death is everywhere, and hope, however dire, may be all that keeps them alive.

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It's the near future and the world has descended into chaos. On the surface, everything looks the same yet the unthinkable has happened... the dead have risen. 
Everyone is haunted by a dead relative, friend, spouse, or stranger, and these spirits are unshakable, silent and watching. No one is safe. Governments the world over fail to deal with the epidemic, they begin to lose control of their economies and their resources. Their people. Crime is rife, and murders commonplace. But who is responsible: the ghosts or the people? 
Finding out is where Detective Oscar Mariani comes in, although it's nearly impossible to run a department when you can't even see half the suspects. His strike rate is embarrassingly low. Then he stumbles into a case that cuts through his apathy and depression, a case that suggests a ritualistic, brutal serial killer attracted to innocent young women at work and one that, unfortunately for Mariani and his less jaded partner, implicates those in high places. However, if he can solve it, and keep alive himself, he may be able to exorcise his own ghostly shadow, a dead young man who might just have something to say.

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UFOs are real! With no prevarication or qualification of terms, there are physical objects of unknown origin that do transit our universe. The evidence that supports those statements is simply overwhelming. That evidence includes both hard data collected via multispectral sensors and from high-quality eyewitnesses that are neither misreporting facts nor delusional. Determining what these objects are, let alone the question of origin, is another matter. There are no simple solutions that fit all of the facts. For about six decades I have been actively exploring the topic and I'm finally taking the time to write about it.
This book differs from all others written about UFOs because it details a personal exploration of the topic in ways that no other researcher has been able to accomplish. What is important and unique are the details of direct interactions with senior officials from many agencies—and finding that no one was responsible for this topic anywhere in the U.S. Government. That fact is very significant and runs counter to conventional wisdom. This book addresses those problems so that the reader can understand the government's role in UFOs as it really is; not the way many people believe it should be.

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When Albert Cross finds a mysterious wooden box waiting for him in the driver’s seat of his locked car, he has no idea that it will lead him on an extraordinary and terrifying adventure. With the help of his lab partner, Brandy, he begins unraveling the puzzle of the box, but each clue they solve leads only to more questions as they piece together a map of the complex, subterranean system that lies beneath Briar Hills, Missouri…and the strange and deadly labyrinth hidden deep within. Will they be able to discover the meaning behind the box? Or will the endless darkness and the things that lurk unseen within these walls swallow them forever?

Release Date 2015
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  • I’ll try and tell you this best I can. It’s a truth that speaks a story, the kind you’d find in a poem or dream - it’s hard to describe. In the beginning none of us could. 
    To start with I found myself in this small graveyard - just sitting quietly on the grass in a kind of frozen daze, listening to the trees gently hissing in the cool night breeze. Yet as I sat there some feeling within me - some intuitive emotion 
    was whispering a dark and terrible secret, which crept up my skin like an invisible shadow and on into my mind. 
    I knew I was dead and that somehow I’d come back to life. I also knew I had to go back to my grave come the dawn. This would sound frightening to most - crazy even - but I didn’t question it, it was just a feeling I followed, had to follow.

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The demon dactyl came awake. It didn't seem such a momentous thing, just a gradual stirring in a deep cave in a far, empty mountain. An unnoticed event, seen by none save the cave worms and those few insomniacs among the bevy of weary bats hanging from the high ceiling.

But the demon spirit had awakened, had come back from its long dormancy into the statuelike form it had left behind after its last visit to the world called Corona. The tangible, corporeal body felt good to the wandering spirit. The dactyl could feel its blood, hot blood, coursing through its wings and mighty legs, could feel the twitching of its mighty muscles. Its eyes flickered open but saw only blackness, for the form, left standing in magical stasis in the deep cave, head bowed and wings wrapped tightly about its torso, had been covered by magma. Most of the fiery stuff of that time long past had bubbled and flowed away from the cavern, but enough had remained to harden about the dactyl's corporeal form. The spirit had come back to Corona encased in obsidian!

The demon spirit fell deep within itself, summoned its powers, both physical and magical. By sheer will and brute strength, the dactyl flexed its wings. A thin crack ran down the center of the obsidian sarcophagus. The dactyl flexed again and the crack widened, and then, with a sudden powerful burst, the beast blew apart the obsidian, stretched its great wings out to the side, clawed tips grasping and rending the air. The dactyl threw back its head and opened wide its mouth, screeching for the sheer joy of the return, for the thoughts of the chaos it would bring again to the quiet human kingdoms of Corona.

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If We see it with our Eyès, Doès it Exist?

Modern tales of poltergeists in housing estates, phantom voices, ghostly nannies, white ladies and banshees - this isn't the stuff of oft-repeated folklore; these are freshly discovered ghostly tales from the people of The USA. Just what Are staying in in these locations? Who is the White Lady? What kind of being did some University students unwittingly end up sharing a house with? Just who was that old lady watching over the kids? You'll find the answers within the pages of Haunted America Do You Believe. Ideal for the paranormal enthusiast, the local historian, the USA diaspora abroad and anyone who enjoys a good, scary True stories, of the "Unexplained and "Supernatural Haunted America Do You Believe is a book for everyone. All you need is to remain calm, don't panic, and remember it's only a book.Haunted America "Do You Believe" sends you on a journey across America to the most Haunted locations of strange events that have been reported to hold Spirits-Ghost-Demons-Angles and Poltergeist Activity. Hear the true stories up people that have had unimaginable paranormal experiences that defy logic. People of all walks of life. Hear from Paranormal Investigators as they talk about there darkest encounters of Real Evil. We look at Reincarnation the recycle of life. You can draw your own conclusion based on all the evidence and stories. What lies beyond? Are darkest fears about death and the unexplained. This book will shed light on what we fear and do not want to face. "Death and the afterlife".

"Between the world we see, and the things we fear... there are doors. When they are opened... nightmares becomes reality.

What is the paranormal; one definition states that the paranormal is something beyond the range of normal experiences, basically anything outside of our understanding. This book is an account of my own hauntin&ggrave;s and those of others that share the same experiences. This phenomena has become more wide told in the last 5 years. People were afraid to talk about it.. They will think I'm crazy no one will believe me so we don't tell anyone when we experience this phenomena. I was a skeptic myself, ghost, spirits and the devil, even God were all a myth, there was nothing else but this body: Until 1974.

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  • Publication date: 8/15/2013
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  • A posh home in Philadelphia's Society Hill. A balcony for sunbathing. What's wrong with this picture? Nothing, unless you look over the railing. Your neighbor is looking up, only she doesn't see you. She's dead. If the cozy whodunit with family intrigue, blackmail, a couple of bodies, is your cup of tea, you'll want to join Pat Montgomary and Phillis Toner solve the mystery of THE BODIES OUT BACK.