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It is our mission to introduce this magazine not only to the US but also to the rest of the Worl...d. The remit of the new magazine and its staff is such that we intend to explore areas of the paranormal that have been seldom tackled so far. For example, The Devils Highway US Route 666 is it legend or fact ? And could it be compared to a form of supernatural phenomena? Is there apparent proof of the reality of phenomena in the bizarre and convoluted world of Quantum Physics, and that magic might even be real?
Is there really proof that we survive physical death? Can we really and effectively communicate with the’other side’? Is this idea more than mere wishful thinking, and more importantly, can the departed really answer us?
No aspect of the multi-faceted world of the paranormal will be over-looked, because although fascinating enough, there is so much more to the enigma of paranormal phenomena than the ghosts and ghouls of tradition. To understand the basics of this most elusive phenomena, is to understand the very nature of reality itself.
In each issue of G-Hunter Magazine, we hope to bring you examples of such phenomena at work and even more besides. If we can supply possible answers, we will, so stay with us because the journey may prove to be all you ever hoped for.
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